Driver Benefits

ComplianceBox isn’t just an electronic way to fill out a paper form. Instead the mobile application guides drivers through each required inspection item and potential vehicle defect. ComplianceBox then takes the responsibility for risk rating the inspection to determine if the vehicle is safe to operate. This reduces the pressure that can be placed on a driver to operate a vehicle with a critical safety defect.


Additionally, drivers save time and frustration by having the inspection report electronically created in minimal time. ComplianceBox ensures that all the required information is recorded on each inspection report, every time.


Finally, the defect tracking process in ComplianceBox gives drivers the confidence to appropriately record defects. ComplianceBox will record on the inspection report the date and time any defects were identified as well as when they were resolved. Without these features in place we have found that drivers have been afraid to “dirty” their inspection for fear of how it might look to roadside enforcement.

Safety Officer Benefits

Being the Safety Officer of a commercial carrier is a very stressful and time-consuming responsibility. When a company implements ComplianceBox the Safety Officer is now given the tools to focus on problem areas in real time. All the required documents are electronically stored in the right place for the right time without any administrative intervention.


By using the Dashboard the Safety Officer can quickly see what defects have not been resolved. Additionally, they can perform spot inspections to review the history on any inspection or defect that has been reported.

Owner Benefits

The overall responsibility for a commercial carrier can be very overwhelming. With the ComplianceBox Dashboard owners can, at any time, view their current compliance status. More importantly, as the use of ComplianceBox within an organization increases so do the added benefits. Carriers who implement ComplianceBox have a reduced Out of Service rate on roadside inspections. This protects the Carrier Profile, which in-turn positively affects insurance premiums and potential clients in the bidding process. In the event a government audit or inspection occurs, Owners can have the confidence that ComplianceBox has automatically generated the required paperwork and stored in the proper location.


ComplianceBox customers overwhelmingly find themselves saving time and money while conducting more effective inspections.

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