Who We Are


ComplianceBox was created by the team at CayCan Safety Consulting Ltd. We’ve been in the Transportation Compliance business for over 20 years and we’re certified by Alberta Transportation to conduct Assessment of Regulatory Compliance / National Safety Code (NSC) Audits as well as New Carrier Compliance Reviews. We’re dedicated to improving the on road safety of our highway systems and providing tools that assist, rather than hinder, carriers in achieving their compliance goals.


You can read a little bit more about CayCan Safety and the services we provide over on our main page.

Why ComplianceBox?

When conducting compliance audits on commercial carriers for more than two decades we have seen some areas that companies commonly struggle with. ComplianceBox was built to easily and effectively address those areas. We found the tools available to the industry were either non-compliant, ineffective, or too difficult to use. Achieving a better score on a compliance audit, while being user friendly and efficient, shapes every decision we make in the design process. We’re constantly improving the product and have many great new features on our current roadmap.

Support Local

We strongly believe in supporting our local economy. ComplianceBox was, and will always be, designed, developed, and hosted in Canada. All our proceeds are used to support local employment and charities. We also understand how important it is to have secure data. ComplianceBox is hosted exclusively on Canadian servers which helps ensure there is no foreign government accessing your information and ensures that we can have a fast and reliable connection to your devices.

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